Take the guess work out of web design

OpenMVT is a new tool to help optimise your website's design and increase your conversions.

How does it work?

OpenMVT allows you to create design changes to your website and present them to different groups of users in an experiment. The effect of the design changes are measured against goals. The design that produces the highest number of goal conversions, is the best.

Four steps to improve your conversions

There are four easy steps to get an experiment up and running on your website to find a winning design.


Add script tag

'Coding' by Mangku Langit from the Noun Project

Add the loader script tag to deliver experiment designs to your site.


Create experiment

'Experiment' by Bartama Graphic from the Noun Project

Upload code for your test designs and define the conversion goals.


Run experiment

'Timer' by Counloucon from the Noun Project

Run the experiment, monitor goal conversions and wait for a result.


Select your winner

'Interactivity' by ProSymbols from the Noun Project

Select the best performing design and apply for all site visitors

How you create an experiment

You'll need to know how to work with CSS, HTML and optionally, JavaScript to create your experiment, but the rest is easy.

Creating an experiment is easy. Just give it a name, an optional description, a client name and a site name (URL).

Add your CSS, HTML and JavaScript to create different designs. Multiple design tests can be run under one experiment.

Create your goal by providing a URL, an element to click on or your own JavaScript to record the conversion.

Your designs are grouped into combinations for testing. Select the ones you want to use before running the experiment.

Monitor the conversions as users interact with your website and the experiment. Over time you'll identify the best design to apply to the site.

We've baked in a demo so you can see how everything works - a fictional pub website called The Alehouse. It includes test designs, goals and example conversion data. That should get you started.

Experiment how-to
Experiment how-to
Experiment how-to
Experiment how-to
Experiment how-to
Experiment how-to

How can I use it?

You'll need a login to access OpenMVT. Please contact the team to arrange access and discuss your requirements.

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